Thursday, September 9, 2010

OWH sketch #34 & Family Challenge

Hello there everyone! Another great challenge given to us this week, but first, I would like to show you my pics for the Family Challenge. My computer wouldnt let me open the coloring pages file, but thankfully, OWH is an awesome organization and I was able to get help from fellow cardmakers- Joan J and Yolanda. I was able to print off a couple sets of coloring sheets for my 2 1/2 year old Aidan to color! His favorite things are coloring and puppies, so these Ciara sheets were perfect!! So thank you ladies! You made our weekend!!!

Here is Aidan coloring:

And some of his results (not too bad for a 2 year old!):

And, for the other half of the family challenge, here is my Ciara card:

The Ciara card also makes up for the yellow thank you theme that was needed to make up the Sketch #34 challenge!

Well, Im off of here for now to get some more of these challenges done :) there are some great blog candy opportunities out there, and Ive gotta put my name in for them too! :) Thanks so much for visiting and see you all real soon!



  1. awww,your little one is your Ciara card!!!! ;)

  2. thanks so much! not one of my faves, but it works i guess lol...not a yellow fan, maybe thats why lol

  3. Tell Aidan he did a great job! You did too, mom! joanej (mollynjake is my cat's acct - I don't have a google acct, haha)