Sunday, September 5, 2010

MWT 9.1.10

Hello everyone!

Im doing things a little backwards this week since I got a little behind on my blogging. I had my bday bash for OWH on Friday. I got 75 cards officially made with just 1 guest showing up! All the others had family issues come up and couldnt make it, but we did good just the same! If youd like to see my blog about it, click here.

Halloween is my most favorite holiday! Id rather celebrate that than my own birthday I like it so much! :) I think my creative juices were a little off this week due to all the cards I had to put together on Friday, but Im hoping they turned out ok!

Heres my take on the halloween cards this week. Hope you all enjoy!

Take care and happy crafting!!


  1. I'm sorry your friends couldn't attend your stamping party, but you and your 1 friend did a fabulous job making 75 cards! WOW! These 2 are really cute! Now take a've earned it :)

  2. thank you so very much!! they all turned out so super and ive had a lot of creative energy this morning, got another 7 done so i could enter some more to hopefully get prizes! i dont win much very often, but it gets me motivated to make more for our soldiers, so in a way, i always win! :) thanks so much for the comment, it means a lot!!

  3. Great Halloween cards, this has been such a fun challenge, I've enjoyed seeing everyone's cards! Congratulations on your birthday card making party and getting so many cards made with just 2 people! Thanks for playing along with us at Operation Write Home!

  4. WOW,You totally rock.....these are fabulous!!!;)