Friday, August 6, 2010

OWH Birthday Bash-Party :)

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday preparing for my Operation Write Home Birthday Bash, ( party!!! I got 80 Christmas card kits done, but its driving me crazy that Im not able to finish them until next month!!

I've decided, the party is going to be on September 4th @ 2:00PM, here at my little apartment in Mannheim, Germany!

I've already got 2 confirmed guests, which is good in my apartment is pretty tiny and I dont know that many people around post who knows how or likes to make cards anyway.

We are going to have snacks and drinks, and maybe a little music or something fun to do while we make cards. Its going to be a nice break from all of our children...4 boys, under the age of 5!! Crazy!

Below is a picture of my christmas card kit as well as a pic of just the card itself.
I feel like something is still missing, like a button or something between the image and the lettering....if any of you have any advice, that would be super!!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, as always, have a fantastical weekend and coming week :)

Take care,

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